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41 Funny Black Cat Names That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone (With Explanation)

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Black cats have always been shrouded with mystery and superstition, but their playful and mischievous nature deserves a name that reflects their unique charm and personality. If you wish to adopt a black cat or add a dash of delight to your relationship with your furry pal, these funny black cat names are great options.

A Brief Black Cat History


Before we unravel some black cat funny names, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? The existence of black cats has a rich and fascinating history. From being linked to misfortunes and witches, some considered these ebony felines good luck. From ancient Egypt to Japan, black cats have been symbols of prosperity and protection. Despite all these, these ebony felines are like any other cat—they’re adorable, quirky, and full of personality.

Why Choose a Funny Name

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Naming your dark-coated cutie doesn’t have to be a serious affair. In fact, giving your black cat funny names can add a dash of delight to your relationship with your furry pal. It’s also a great conversation starter and a fantastic way to highlight their unique personality and quirks. Imagine the grins and chuckles of your family and friends when they hear the name you’ve picked for your whiskered companion.

Different Categories of Funny Black Cat Names


Ready for a naming session filled with chuckles and giggles? Here are categories bursting with funny names for black cats.

Pop Culture Puss

Let’s kick things off with funny cat names for black cats inspired by the big screen, small screen, or even the silver screen! Whether literary legends or cartoon companions, there’s a cat name that will turn that frown upside down and ignite your inner fan.

  • Bagheera from “The Jungle Book” – Channel the sleekness and wisdom of the panther with this classic name.
  • Binx from “Hocus Pocus” – This mischievous dark-coated feline from a classic Halloween movie is perfect for a playful kitty.
  • Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon” – Okay, Toothless may not be a cat, but this fire-breathing dragon is as cuddly as your tiny indoor panther, making it in this list of funny black cat names.
  • Salem from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” – Who would forget Salem, a former wizard-turned-cat sentenced without magic due to his attempt to rule the world? If you were a fan of the show, this is a perfect choice for a black cat with a bit of a sass.
  • Vegeta from “Dragon Ball Z” – Were you a fan of Dragon Ball Z as a kid? Do you have a black feline with a serious attitude and a bit of arrogance? This is a perfect choice for your ebony-coated fuzzball!
  • T’Challa/Black Panther from the Marvel Universe – Wakanda forever! It’s a perfect name for a black feline with a regal and powerful demeanor.
  • Wednesday Addams from “The Addams Family” –  As mentioned earlier, black cats are associated with witches, misfortunes, and darkness. Of course, black cats aren’t like that, but wouldn’t it be funny if you named them Wednesday Addams? It’s a perfect name for ebony kitties with a dry wit but an independent streak.

Punny Paws

If you’re into wordplay, this collection is for you! Here, you can name your black cat with these funny names that will leave you feline good.

  • Pepper Purrkins – This cute name combines the cat’s black color with the happy disposition of a feline.
  • Sir Purrcival Darkington – Bestow a nobility title on your black fluff with this punny moniker.
  • Meowly Cyrus – Whether you’re a fan of the singer or your cat is a wrecking furball, it’s a perfect pop culture pun for your sassy black kitty.
  • Inky McStinky – This silly name will make you laugh out loud whenever you call your cat.
  • Count Catula – A vampire-inspired twist for your fluffy little hunter (of insects, of course!).
  • Edgar Allan Paw – Add a poetic touch to your mysterious kitty by giving it a name inspired by the famous poet and writer!
  • Houdini – Is your ebony kitty an escape artist? Why not give it a name that reflects its escaping skills? It’s a perfect name for cats that vanish without a trace.
  • Purrlock Holmes – If your cat is a keen observer, give your feline a name that’s perfect for its impeccable “detective” skills!
  • Ameowdeus – It’s a classic spin for your musical feline pal.

Food for Felines

Your cat’s fur may be as dark as midnight, but it’s far from dark and gloomy! Celebrate its contrasting colors and love for food with these funny black cat names.

  • Oreo – It’s a timeless name for a black cat with white spots (or any pet, for that matter).
  • Licorice – This sweet treat is perfect for a sleek feline with a sweet personality.
  • Beans – Perfect for a black cat with adorable toe beans, this name is both cute and funny.
  • Guinness – Got a burly cuddle buddy? Inspired by the famous dark beer, this name might be the perfect fit for them.
  • Caviar – Does your fluffy floof have a refined taste? Why not call your black kitty Caviar? It’s a suitable name for a luxurious and sophisticated feline.
  • Espresso – A cup of coffee can perk us up, but what about your midnight-coated kitty? For a zealous and zippy black cat, this is a great name for your fur baby.
  • Truffle – It’s a perfect name for pampered felines. It’s fancy and decadent, just like your fur baby.
  • Olive – It might sound ironic, but it’s a cute and funny name for your sleek, ebony feline.
  • Raisin – If you have a sweet, tiny ball of fur, this name reflects its personality.

Mythical Mischief

Black cats are associated with folklore and mythology, which makes this list extraordinary. These funny names for black cats are inspired by fantastical creatures and characters, making them ideal for your black furry extraordinaire.

  • Loki, the Norse trickster god – If you have a mischievous feline, the name Loki is the fitting choice for your fluffy companion.
  • Raven – Ravens are clever and mysterious, like many cats with dark fur, making it in this list of funny black cat names.
  • Shadowfax from “Lord of the Rings” – Borrow the name of the mighty and loyal steed from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” for your regal black feline.
  • Pandora – In Greek mythology, Pandora, the woman who opened the box of evils, is a perfect choice for a black feline that causes a little friendly havoc at home.
  • Cerberus – Cerberus is a three-headed dog from Greek mythology. It’s an excellent choice for cats with three times of troublemaking spirit.
  • Anubis – Anubis is a jackal-headed Egyptian god of the underworld and the afterlife. He’s powerful and loyal, making him an excellent choice for a stately, dignified black feline with a watchful eye.
  • Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty” – Maleficent is an iconic Disney villain who is cunningly intelligent, fierce, and vulnerable. If you have a regal ebony feline with a mischievous streak and a cuddle-bug side, Maleficent is a perfect name for your fluffy feline friend.
  • Puck from “Midsummer Night’s Dream” – Puck is a mischievous fairy created by William Shakespeare. If you have a cat that loves to fetch, chase laser points, or swat at dangling toys, this is a perfect name for your dark-coated whiskered buddy.

Literal Lovenonsense

Sometimes, the best way to describe their appearance is by giving them funny cat names for cats. Imagine all the chuckles of your loved ones when you give your kitty one of these funny black cat names.

  • Spot (for an all-black cat) – We usually give this name to spotted pooches, but who says you can’t name your kitty with it, too? Naming your all-black cat ‘Spot’ is so ironic that it will make you smile.
  • Fuzzbutt – Got a black ball of fur? Why not name them ‘Fuzzbutt’? It’s a cute and silly name for a fuzzy black cat.
  • The Darkness – Embrace the void with a dramatic (and a bit tongue-in-cheek) name.
  • Hairball – It’s a playful name for a black floof that sheds… a lot!
  • Blanket – Comically yet oddly fitting, this name is perfect for black cats that love to burrow under blankets for cuddles.
  • Sock – Does your kitty love to steal your socks? Why not call your fur baby Sock? It sounds “punny,” but it’s an excellent choice if you have a fur kid with a habit of stealing socks and unique paws that look like white socks.
  • Smudge – Here’s a cute and playful name for your smoky, not-so-black kitty.
  • Mittens (Even if They Don’t Have White Feet) – Adorable and hilarious, it’s a perfect name for black felines who love to swat and bat at things with their nimble paws.

The Joy of Black Cat Funny Names


Naming your kitty with any of these funny names for black cats brings more joy to your relationship and reflects their fun-loving demeanor. After all, black cats are like any other colored kitty—they’re playful and, most importantly, deserve to be loved.

So, embrace the laughter! There’s a silly name out there, perfect for your tiny ball of darkness. Who knows? Naming your fur babies with funny cat names for black cats might become a source of joy and giggles for others.

Now, it’s your turn! What funny black cats have you encountered? Share it in our comment section!


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  1. There is also a black cat where I work. She is a girl and her name is Luna. She used to be bullied by other cats in the office, but she is getting better now; she is very greedy and I just opened my yogurt. After just a few bites, she jumped up on my table and took a lick, ending up with her eating my yogurt 🙁

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