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Cat Trees & Towers

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Cat trees are an ideal solution to provide your feline friend with a dedicated space to play and rest. They typically consist of spacious towers where your cat can lay, swing, and play to their heart’s content. These cat trees are quilted or padded and made of materials such as carpet, fleece, or suede, which also makes them great for scratching posts. The larger the cat tree or condo, the more levels and sleeping compartments are available for your cat to enjoy different views of their surroundings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Trees And Condos:
1. What are the best cat trees?
The best cat trees are those that are the right size for your cat and your home and have a sturdy design. They should also feature claw-friendly materials like sisal and carpet, and include hanging toys for added entertainment. Platforms and cubbies provide a great place for your cat to hide and sleep.

2. What size cat tree should I get?
The size of the cat tree you choose should depend on the size and temperament of your cat, as well as the available space in your home. Compact cat trees are suitable for older cats and single-kitty households, while larger trees work well for younger felines and multi-cat homes. Avoid choosing a tree that is too high for senior cats, as this could cause injuries from jumping.

3. Where should I put my cat tree?
It is best to place your cat tree in an area that offers a panoramic view and promotes a sense of safety and calmness for your cat. Avoid placing trees in enclosed spaces.

4. How to maintain and care for the cat tree?

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