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Payment Methods

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What Do We Support?

We like to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to make a purchase from zezelife.com. Currently, we accept the following payment methods:


As a payment might be rejected due to the change of IP address, internet enviroment, etc, If your payment is declined, you can simply call your bank to get the transaction approval and then pay again within the same method or change to another payment method.

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Credit Card Payment Failed Solutions

Simply, pay again via PayPal. As PayPal accept almost all kinds of credit card as well as PayPal balance, bank account, PayPal Credit. At the same time, paying with PayPal gives you an extra level of security and fraud prevention.

It means declined by the card-issuing bank. You need to call your bank (Most of the time, they will call you first) to verify the transaction was processed by yourself, the cardholder, then pay again.

It means you have successfully paid for another order within 24 hours. The payment gateway is worried about repeated deductions so rejected this payment; if you need to process this payment, just try again via another payment metold.

The card issuing bank marks the card as a lost card, and you need to pay with a new card.

Currently, our credit card payment gateway supports Visa, Master, Diners Club & Discover (excepted American Express and JCB). Invalid transaction means that you used the other cards to pay, such as the cards that can only be used for refueling. You need to pay with a supported card.

Wrong billing info. You could check the billing info and pay again.

It means your payment failed more than 3 payments within 24 hours, so our payment gateway rejected the payment. You could pay again with a new card or check correct billing info and pay after 24 hrs.

How To Pay Credit Card Via PayPal Without A Paypal Account?

Step 1: After choosing the payment method, PayPal / PayPal Credit, you will be redirected to a PayPal page so that you could choose to pay via a Credit/Debit card. No need to enter any info above.

Step 2: After entering your billing info, you could pay by creating a PayPal account or just as a guest that no need a PayPal account.

For any unresolved concerns, please feel free to contact customer service team via 24/7 online chat or email [email protected] for quick assistance!