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Protecting pets, & people on the planet


Our Commitment to Sustainability

At zezelife, we practice sustainability as it applies to

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ours and yours, which we keep well nourished and cared for



our clients and employees, who we keep happy, satisfied, valued, and rewarded

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protected, whenever, and however, we possibly can

We Do This In Three Ways

Producing Responsibly

We have a responsibility to pets, to people, and to the planet to create and produce our pet supplies including cat trees, water fountains, etc., in the most sustainable manner possible. While using natural wood, our products are produced with natural plant dyes and non-toxic adhesives to minimize the impact on the environment, pet, and pet owner.

Reducing Consumption

Everyone at zezelife makes a committed effort to minimize the waste they generate by reducing consumption, reusing materials, and recycling or composting. Most of our packages are equipped with d2w® – biodegradable plastic technology and reusable vacuum bags to reduce the waste released to the environment.

Empowering People

Sustainability means doing everything we can as a company to keep our people happy, healthy, and productive. Our workspaces are becoming more energy efficient with LED lights. We will work with you and promise always to act with uncompromising honesty, integrity, traceability, and transparency in everything we do.

Let's collaborate

Practicing sustainability can seem like a big task if you approach it as “perfecting sustainability”. But that’s not realistic for us, yet. But zezelife will assure you that we’re doing our best and doing what we can, where we can, and whenever we can, for the ongoing good of pets, people, and the planet.

We all have a duty to ourselves and future generations to transform pet health into a sustainable future. We take on this challenge and promise to research, develop and source sustainable raw materials and packaging and every step we take will be honest, ethical, traceable, and transparent. Wanna learn more about our sustainability traces? Get in touch with the zezelife team today and let’s make a better planet starting from a small, simple step!