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Anime Cat Names Purrfect for Your Feline Friend

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Are you a fan of anime—or maybe you have a new kitten but still can’t decide what to name it? Why not draw inspiration from Japanese animation? Anime offers a treasure trove of unique and memorable names and characters. That said, there’s no shortage of fantastic feline monikers to choose from. Here’s a list of anime cat names that will make your cat feel like the star of their own anime show:

Female Anime Cat Names

Got a feline that embodies strength and sass? The following names from hit anime series feature fierce and independent characters who will inspire your petite warrior princess:

  • Luna (Sailor Moon) – Luna is a magical black cat who mentors Sailor Moon and her friends.
  • Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service) – Jiji is a sassy, loyal black feline who accompanies the young witch named Kiki on her adventures as she strives to become a full-fledged witch.
  • Blair (Soul Eater) – Blair is a shape-shifting cat who can transform into a stunning woman.
  • Kuro (Blue Exorcist) – Kuro is a powerful demon cat, often seen with Rin Okumura. She’s fierce yet loyal to the protagonist.
  • Neko (K Project) – Neko is an enigmatic cat-like character who can manipulate illusions, adding intrigue to the series’ storyline.

Male Anime Cat Names

For dashing debonair kitties, these cat anime names are some of the coolest male characters in the anime universe. Whether you have a charming kitty or a mischievous furball, these names pack a punch!

  • Happy (Fairy Tail) – Happy is a blue cat with wings. She’s cheerful and loyal to one of the characters and companions of the wizards of Fairy Tail.
  • Meowth (Pokémon) – Meowth is a cat-like Pokémon affiliated with Team Rocket who can speak human language.
  • Kirara (Inuyasha) – Kirara is a two-tailed demon cat who accompanies Inuyasha on their quest to collect Shikon Jewel shards.
  • Arthur (Code Geass) – Often seen riding on a white knightmare frame, this cat becomes a symbol of rebellion in the series.
  • Kuroneko (Trigun) – Kuroneko, or Black Cat, is a mysterious, skilled assassin with a tragic past, adding depth to the series’ storyline.

Studio Ghibli Anime Names for a Cat

These whimsical anime names for cats are based on beloved films from a famous Japanese animation production company. Your furry companion will feel like they’re in a magical forest from Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece!

  • Muta (The Cat Returns) – Muta is a grumpy yet adorable kitty who guides the protagonist in the world of cats.
  • Yuki (The Secret World of Arrietty) – Yuki is a curious white feline who comes across tiny borrowers, Arrietty and Sho, in the Studio Ghibli film.
  • Moon (My Neighbors the Yamadas) – Moon is a quirky and mischievous family cat that adds humor to the movie’s storyline.
  • Torako (Whisper of the Heart) – Torako is a clever and supportive cat who inspires Shizuku to pursue her dreams of becoming a writer.
  • Baron Humbert von Gikkingen (The Cat Returns) – Another cat character from The Cat Returns, Baron is a charismatic and elegant feline who helps the main character in her quest through the Cat Kingdom.

Anime Cat Names for Black Cats

Black cats have an air of mystery, making the following anime cats’ names the purrfect choice for your ebony-hued feline friend:

  • Ryoga (Ranma ½) – From the smash hit 90s anime series Ranma ½, Ryoga is a recurring character who transforms into a black piglet when splashed with cold water, adding a comedic charm to the series.
  • Pantherlily (Fairy Tail) – Pantherlily is a powerful Exceed who takes the form of a black panther in Fairy Tail.
  • Yoruichi (Bleach) – Yoruichi, a former captain of Soul Society, is known for her agility and strength and can transform into a black cat.

Anime Cat Names for White Cats

If your whiskered companion has fur as white as snow, this anime cat name list is for you! Elegant, angelic, and oh-so-charming, these names capture the essence of grace and innocence.

  • Artemis (Sailor Moon) – Another cat character from Sailor Moon, she’s a mentor and advisor to the Sailor Guardians, providing wisdom and guidance.
  • Whitey (Trigun) – Another cat character from Trigun, Whitey is a symbol of hope and redemption in the series.
  • Chii (Chobits) – Chii is a sweet and innocent Persocom that looks like a human girl with long, white hair. She’s captured many hearts with her gentle demeanor.

Cute Anime Cat Names

If you can’t resist the cuteness of anime cats, these kawaii cat names will melt your heart. Whether you have a round and fluffy buddy or a tiny and mischievous kitty, these names are as sweet as can be!

  • Tama (Magical Meow Meow Taruto) – Tama is a magical cat who embarks on adventures with her feline pals to protect their home from evil forces.
  • Nyanko-Sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends) – Nyanko-sensei, or Madara, is a powerful spirit who takes the form of a chubby cat. He’s Natsume’s guardian and mentor.
  • Poyo (Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki) – Poyo is a round and fuzzy kitty who goes through many comedic adventures in the series.

Names Inspired by Popular Anime Series

Whether you prefer action-packed shonen or romantic shoujo, the names of these popular anime series are sure to resonate with both old and new fans alike. Choose a name for your cat based on your favorite anime character and re-watch the show together.

  • Sasuke (Naruto) – Uchiha Sasuke is a talented ninja driven by revenge and redemption. While seeking power, he discovers the truth about his family’s tragedy.

  • Mikasa (Attack on Titan) – Mikasa Ackerman is a skilled and stern warrior who fights and protects her friends and humanity from the Titan’s threat.
  • Luffy (One Piece) – The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, sails the East Blue Sea, along with his friends, to find the legendary treasure known as One Piece.
  • Ryuk (Death Note) – Ryuk is a mischievous Shinimagi (death god) who loves apples and has a dark humor.

With so many famous anime characters to choose from, finding the perfect name for your feline friend has never been this easy. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from any of these Japanese anime cat names that resonate with your kitty’s purrsonality!


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