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You’re the Cat’s Meow: 10 Signs That Prove Your Cat Loves You

As we all know, cats are independent by nature and do not like to talk to people. They are extremely perceptive and are used to living in their own world like reserved, shy humans. According to analysis, most cats have a high pursuit of trust, which is a manifestation of extreme insecurity. But once pet owners establish an emotional connection with the cat and gain the trust of the cat, it is like signing an agreement. The cat will be more loyal and love you than you expected. The relationship between a cat and its owner will become stronger and stronger as time goes by. So in this article, we will talk about 10 kinds of performances that cats are showing they love you so much.

1. Fall asleep anywhere at home

From the cat’s view, the sleeping position must be chosen carefully because it is easy to be attacked while sleeping. Therefore, cats that have just been taken home by their owners will hide in some corners and sleep under the table to hide themselves. However, when cats trust you, they can fall asleep anywhere in the house because they know they are safe inside your sweet home.

2. Like to show their belly to you

The cat’s belly is very soft, which is the softest and most delicate part of the cat’s body. If the cat really loves you, then the cat will trust you and they like to show their belly to you, and even tempt you to touch their belly.

3. Follow you everywhere at home

When the cat is taken home by the owner, it does not trust the owner and will keep a distance from human beings. But after the cat has lived with you for a long time, and gradually the cat will accept your existence, trust you, and try to get close to you. If the cat really loves you, it will always follow you at home no matter where you go.

4. Stare at you when they use cats litter

For cats, peeing and pooing is a very dangerous things since their own smell will be leaked to attract natural enemies. But if cats have been with their owners for a long time, they will not get panic when they see you around and they will even keep staring at you. They may want you to protect them, or they may want to invite you to go to the cat litter together!

5. Grunt while sleeping

If the cat loves its owner very much, then its alertness and stress are at the lowest level. When a cat purrs while sleeping, it means that it sleeps very soundly. And you may also notice that the cat will often switch sleeping positions since they love and trust you so much.

6. Bring gifts for you

Have you ever received a small animal that the cat brought back from nowhere, it may be a mouse, a bug, or a candy wrapper. A cat who loves you won’t eat the delicious food all at once because it thinks it might be useful to you as well. Cats will share their most beloved things with you only when they really depend on you.

7. Lick you

A cat licking its owner is usually a way of expressing love. If a cat keeps licking you, it means that it likes you very much. There is a term called licking love, which is used to describe the way mothers express their love for their cubs by licking. So the cat licks you to express its love for you, and it treats you as a parent.

8. Sleep with you

When cats treat you as a parent, they will want to sleep with you. They like to cling to you because they feel safe around you. If you don’t want to sleep with your cat, you can put the cat’s litter next to your bed, but it must be within his sight range.

9. Wait and welcome you home

When a cat loves you to the bone, it will know that it is not easy for you to hunt outside, and the cat that loves you will worry about whether you are in danger. It will be waiting for you at the door to come home, and when you come home, they will be very excited and welcome you immediately.

10. Kneading

When a cat is young, it will step on the mother cat’s milk to absorb milk. At this time, the cat can also feel the sense of security and love brought by the cat’s mother. If the cat takes the initiative to step on the milk on you, it means that it likes you very much, and even regards you as its mother.


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