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Three Mushroom Flower Cat Tower


Product Description

Luna, the adventurous cat, conquered the 40-inch, three mushroom flower cat tower with excitement. At the top, she discovered a cozy mushroom-shaped hideaway, igniting her playful spirit. From her lofty throne, Luna entertained her human companions with acrobatic feats and mischievous antics. The tower became her ultimate playground, where laughter and joy filled the air. In that home, fun bloomed, reminding everyone that even a cat tower could unleash a world of endless amusement for a curious feline like Luna.


  • Mushroom Design – The flower mushroom cat tree features three mushroom-shaped platforms that are perfect for lounging and napping.
  • Flower Accents – The mushroom cat tree are adorned with colorful flower accents that add a playful and whimsical touch to the design.
  • Soft Plush Surfaces – The mushroom platforms and other surfaces are covered in soft plush material, providing a cozy and comfortable place for your cat to relax.
  • Selected Natural Sisal – Thickened sisal rope is strong and scratch resistant
  • Double-layer Tree Hole Design – Double-layer large space, suitable for multi-cat families, saving space.
  • Multi-functional Design – The flowers and mushrooms can not only serve as a platform for cats to climb on, but also as a cat bed for cats to rest on.
  • Sturdy Construction – The mushroom cat tree is made with sturdy materials, ensuring that it will remain stable even when your cat is playing and climbing.
  • High-Density Base Plate – Choose a thickened bottom plate to ensure that the mushroom cat tree will not shake or collapse when the cat is playing.


  • Keep it dry and do not place it in a humid environment;
  • It can accommodate 2-3 cats to play at the same time;
  • Clean the flower cat tower surface hair with a vacuum cleaner, or gently wipe it with a wet towel.
  • Wooden boards will have a slight smell, and non-formaldehyde, and will not affect health. The smell will slowly disappear after 3-5 days of ventilation.


  • For: Cats
  • Main function: Grind claws, rest, sleep, play & climb
  • Material: Flannel, sisal rope, wood-based panel
  • Dimension:  40.2 in x 17.7 in x 27.6 in / 102 cm x 45 cm x 70 cm
  • This dimension was obtained by manually measuring the product, it may be off by 1 inch (1-3cm)

About us

We love and care about cats as much as you do. All staff of zezelife is composed of senior cat lovers. Cooperating with product designers, graphic designers, and professional veterinarians, we build our brand to give 100% love to all furbabies and are committed to producing interesting and loving pet products.

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