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Do Cats See Colors? If So, What Colors Do Cats Like Most?

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Cats have a list of favorites—favorite foods, favorite toys, and even favorite spots to doze off. But have you ever wondered if cats see the colors of their surroundings? If so, what colors do cats like? Today, we’ll peek into their eyes and reveal the colors that appeal to them.

What Makes a Color “Colorful”?

what colors do cats like

Colors surround us, and these hues can evoke emotions, affect our moods, and influence our behavior. But what makes a color “colorful”? To understand this, we must know how human and feline eyes see colors. Our vision lies in specialized cells called cones in our eyes. These cones are sensitive to different wavelengths of light, allowing us to perceive a spectrum of colors.

Humans have trichromatic vision, which means we have three receptors or cones in our eyes. These cones are responsible for sensing red, green, and blue colors. They work together to create a kaleidoscope of colors we see in our surroundings.

Meanwhile, feline eyes perceive colors differently. They also have color receptors in their eyes, but unlike us, they are dichromatic, which means they only have two types of cones. These cones see fewer colors than us. They’re also less sensitive, which means their color vision is less vibrant, making it hard for them to distinguish some colors.

While their color perception is less diverse than ours, cats compensate for it with their impressive night vision and motion detection. They have more rods in their eyes than us, allowing them to see things clearly in the dark. These qualities make them excellent hunters.

Are Cats Colorblind?

what colors do cats like

Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t entirely colorblind. They may lack the same level of color vision as us, but they still perceive some colors. Think of it this way: if we see our environment in high-definition, cats see them in a slightly faded, less detailed version.

What Colors Do Cats See?

what colors do cats like

Cats see things in blues and greens with some yellows. It means those in vibrant blue appeal to cats, as they see them vividly. On the contrary, objects in red and orange don’t attract them because they see these hues in gray or brown. So, that bright red cat toy may not be as dazzling to your feline friend as it is to you.

Remember that cats’ color perception depends on lighting conditions and their uniqueness. While they may not see the full spectrum of colors, they can adapt to their environment using other sensory receptors.

What Colors Do Cats Like the Most?

what colors do cats like

Now that we understand how cats see things, you might ask, “What colors do cats like best?” Cats may not have specific favorites as humans do, but some colors attract them and may cause responses from them.

Research suggests cats’ “favorite color” is blue because it pops out the most to their vision. But this doesn’t mean you have to paint your house or maybe their wood cat furniture blue to make your cat use it. You can play with your cat using toys of different colors, not just blue, green, or yellow. What attracts them the most are the toy’s texture, motion, and smell, not entirely because of the color.

Cats may also develop a preference for specific colors based on association. If they have a blue cat bed they love to curl up on, your cat will likely grow fond of this color over time.

Are There Colors That Cats Don’t Like?

what colors do cats like

We’ve answered the question, “What colors do cats like the most?”. Now, let’s find out if they have colors that they “hate.”

As mentioned earlier, cats see objects in shades of greens, yellows, and, most significantly, blues. However, those in bright red and orange might not be at the top of their “favorite color” list because they don’t register well in their color cones.

Some experts also suggest that overly bright or flashy colors might be too intense for a cat’s eyes, especially if they have sensitive vision. It’s like how some people find fluorescent lights overwhelming.

Some cats might avoid loud colors or patterns resembling their predators or threats. These shades and prints may cause stress or anxiety in cats. So, if you find them exceptionally cautious towards loud colors, it may be because the vibrant shade is a bit too much for their senses.

But there are other reasons why cats don’t “like” particular colors. One is that cats are creatures of habit. So, if you give your kitty a new toy, it might take a while for them to warm up to it, regardless of its color.

They’re also masters of observation. They focus on shapes, movement, and other details. It only means cats don’t turn their noses up at things just because you picked the “wrong” color.

The Bottom Line

what colors do cats like

Cats may not see the world in technicolor, but they have a unique way of perceiving and distinguishing different hues. Blues and yellows are a sure win, but reds and oranges take a backseat. Choosing colors and accessories in colors they see shows how much you care for them. Remember to consider the shape and texture, too. So, shower your beloved feline with splashes of yellow and blue, and maybe a dash of green, too, and see how they respond—it might brighten up their day in more ways you could imagine.


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