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An Ultimate Guide On How To Chose Cat Toy

Soft and agile body, retractable claws, sharp and strong fangs, sharp eyes, and keen ears, cats are made to become rare hunters. In fact, in modern society, human captivity has deprived cats of their nature. In this case, we human beings need to make use of cat toys to release their nature and instinct to ensure your kitty live a healthy life! However, there are so many toys on the market, how can we choose the most suitable toy for our own furbabies? Let’s get started!

Table of contents

1. Why cats need cat toys

2.Ready to buy? – 4 Precautions for choosing cat toys

3.3 types of cat toys that make your cat addicted

1. Why cats need cat toys

Studies have shown that most cats spend at least 8 hours a day practicing hunting skills. As the parents of cats, we need to provide them with enough practice space and equipment. The space can be your living room or backyard garden, and the equipment should be the cat toys.

A British research institution released on July 19, 2020 that the cats destroy items worth 340 million pounds every year, ranking second in goods destroyed by all animals (not surprisingly after dogs). To prevent your precious furniture from becoming their prey, every breeder urgently needs some cat toys to distract their fur babies’ attentions

Cat depression has attracted more and more attention in recent years. According to research from the University of Michigan, 30% of cats suffer from depression, although the severity is quite different. Accompanying your cat to play with toys can not only enhance the relationship between the owner and pet but also largely reduce the onset of cat depression thus your lovely kitty can be a baby in an all-time happy mood.

2. 4 Precautions for selecting cat toys

1) Choose according to the growth stage of your cat

Kittens are small in size. They are usually full of curiosity about the outside world and have a strong desire to explore. At this time, the most important thing is to cultivate good character and behavior. At this stage, the main purpose of choosing toys is to help the cat carry out some daily training, so as to cultivate its clingy character and solve the problem of a cat biting during the teething period. However, as cats enter adulthood, interest in toys may decrease. At this time, you need some dynamic toys or even electric toys to increase the amount of exercise so as to ensure the cats’ physical health and avoid obesity.

2) Buy interactive cat toys

The toy itself is meant to stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct. Cats love to chase small animals that move at a high speed, such as birds and mice. So flexible toys like cat teasers and wands will make cats excited and addicted. 

3) Do not let cats play with smelly toys for a long time

The principle of scented toys is to use plants that can stimulate the nerves of cats, such as catnip, etc., to make cats inhale and generate short-term pleasure. Although plants are naturally non-toxic, they have certain effects on the nervous system of cats. Although this effect is relatively weak, it will have a bad effect on the cat’s body if used for a long time. Therefore, pet owners should be aware that it is recommended that cats play with scent toys for no more than one hour a day.

4) Cats like new toys and dislike old ones

If you find that your cat doesn’t like an old toy, then it’s either tired of playing with the same toy, or the toy is already filled with its own scent. So you can buy some toys that can be cleaned and washed. When the cat is no longer interested, simply clean and store the cat toys and then take them out after months. You will find that the cat will play with it as a new toy again 🙂

3. 6 types of cat toys that make your cat addicted

1) Cat scratching board, cat scratching post

The cat scratching board is the most cost-effective claw-grinding toy for cats to vent their emotions and sharpen their claws, thus greatly improving the situation of cats scratching sofas and bed sheets. There are 2 most common types of cat scratching boards. One is corrugated cardboard, which is cheap, but not good-looking and has poor durability. The second is the cat scratching post woven from jute and sisal, which is beautiful. Although comparatively expensive, the cat scratching post can be your great props and home decorations for taking pictures.

2) Cat tree

The cat tree allows cats to have a space that is completely their own. The uprights of the hemp rope can make cats sharpen their claws, and let cats release their inner pressure and unhappiness. Since the cat tree came out, it was a hit and has been loved by many breeders, and people have made many improvements on the basis of the original cat trees invented by an American animal expert. For more information about cat climbing frames, you can read this blog.

3) Cat hammock

Every cat living indoors has a dream of going outdoors! Since their body can’t get out, it’s okay to sit by the window and look out the window and just imagine. Just like every person who has an interest in life wants to sit at the bay window, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and sip the red wine. When your cat gets the hammock, your dreams can be pinned on it to some extent.

4) Cat Teaser

The first toy for raising a cat should be a cat teaser, it is a magic weapon to interact with the owner and enhance the relationship between the parent-child! Among them, the most recommended by zezelife is our feather cat teaser.

Tips: When using it, you can imitate the trajectory of a bird’s flight, which makes cats have the desire to catch. It is suitable for training cats to hunt, and they will jump in place with extreme excitement.

5) Silvervine stick

Silvervine is one of the most liked plants for cats. It can not only relax the cat’s mood but also promote its appetite. Biting the stick made with silvervine can help cats grind their teeth and clean their mouth. Most of zezelife’s chewing toys are added with the element of silvervine, which makes cats love like always.

6) Catnip Cat Toy

Catnip is a healthy and harmless herb that can stimulate the pheromones of cats, making cats hallucinate and become excited and happy. The plant fiber it contains can also help cats freshen their breath. Most of zezelife’s cat toys are equipped with a small bag of catnip inside. On the market, most catnip cat toys are made in the shape of mice or fish, but zezelife original design develops various shapes such as apples and oranges, making it unique and appealing.

Cat toys are related to the cat life quality. As breeders, we need to keep doing research and buying suitable cat toys for them. Based on the description above, I believe you have a clear mindset to buy your kids a nice and safe cat toy. Meanwhile, please give more company to your furbabies as the life with the keeper is their precious gift for their whole life time. Check zezelife best-selling cat toys now! 🙂


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